About Us

Meet 6CPA Requirements & Deliver Professional Services

Our programs enable pharmacists meet 6CPA requirements and deliver professional services efficiently.

The GuildCare team has extensive pharmacy dispensing experience. We understand the need to ensure professional pharmacy practice has the most up-to-date technology to enable pharmacists optimise frontline health services, enhancing professional patient interaction and management.

The work of Patient Care is guided by the GuildLink Charter.


One Seamless Software Solution for All Professional Programs

GuildCare programs were developed in 2010 in response to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's initiative to have a national systemised platform for delivering professional health services. Today, over 3,000 Australian pharmacies are GuildCare subscribers.

GuildCare currently offers five program streams - 6CPA Pharmacy Practice Incentives, 6CPA Medication Management, Patient Services, Patient Adherence Programs and Admin Module.

GuildCare integrates with ALL existing dispensing software. The GuildCare Support Centre provides subscribers with both training and technical support.


Implementing GuildCare in daily pharmacy practice delivers better:


  • Documentation of services
  • Patient outcomes, capturing patient progress together with in-built prompts to intervene if potential patient risks are identified
  • Reporting, with pre-populated Medicare forms, allowing pharmacists to focus on delivering the service not paperwork

Why Choose GuildCare?

GuildCare is the only professional programs and services software package available Australia-wide. The software integrates with ALL pharmacy dispensing software and aligns with the pharmacist's workflow. GuildCare knows the challenges pharmacists face in providing professional health services including:

  • Non-compliant patients who don't follow directions when taking their medications
  • Difficulty in providing one-to-one patient care in a busy pharmacy environment
  • Meeting 6CPA requirements, involving adherence to various guidelines and stringent reporting processes

GuildCare also acknowledges pharmacies do not work in isolation. The outputs, records of service that GuildCare software generates are valuable to the pharmacist, the patient and relevant health care providers.


GuildCare Working with Universities

GuildCare works closely with pharmacy students so they gain skills appreciated by prospective employers. This is especially important in the changing face of today's pharmacy. GuildCare helps students gain a new perspective on professional services and provide them with the practical skills to deliver them. GuildCare has developed close relationships with many universities Australia-wide, and conducts training sessions for students.


List of Universities:

University of Canberra


University of Technology Sydney
University of Newcastle


Charles Darwin University

James Cook University
University of Queensland
Griffith University

University of South Australia

La Trobe University

University of Western Australia
Curtin University Western Australia


If you are a university and would like to arrange a meeting, please email our support team at support@guildcare.com.au