Dose Administration Aids (DAA)

GuildCare Dose Administration Aid (DAA) Patient Detect

GuildCare Dose Administration Aid Patient Detect Service program is designed to help
pharmacists unlock 6CPA funding and:

  • Identify patients who may benefit from having their medicines packed in a DAA, and
  • Generate a personalised patient engagement handout detailing the benefits of the service.

GuildCare software will

  • Produce a pop-up notification to prompt at the point of dispense for patients on five or more packable medications
  • Enable pharmacists to initiate documentation [ad-hoc] of a service through GuildCare DAA Patient Detect Service program.

Claiming for DAA Services conducted and recorded in accordance with the 6CPA requirements must be
done quarterly through the 6CPA web portal. Please refer to 6CPA for more information.

Eligible Claiming PeriodsClaim Due Date
1 January to 31 March (approx. 13 weeks)1 – 14 April
1 April to 31 May (approx. 9 weeks)1 – 14 June
1 June to 30 September (approx. 17 weeks)1 – 14 October
1 October to 31 December (approx. 13 weeks)1 – 14 January