Clinical Interventions (CIs)

One of the main duties for pharmacists in the medication management cycle is the identification, resolution and/or prevention of drug related problems - otherwise referred to as Clinical Intervention.

Delivery of Clinical Interventions are an integral part of a pharmacist's daily practice. Under the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) funding requirements pharmacists are required to record CIs performed in accordance with the D.O.C.U.M.E.N.T. classification system.

GuildCare Clinical Intervention program is designed to help pharmacists:

  • Document clinical interventions performed during practice as part of 6CPA
  • Generate clinical intervention report to assist in claiming
  • Easily identify claimable CIs (D.O.C.U.T)
  • Identify incomplete clinical intervention cases

Claiming for Clinical Interventions conducted and recorded in accordance with the 6CPA requirements must be
done through the 6CPA web portal. Please refer to 6CPA for more information.

Even MORE Clinical Intervention Opportunities


GuildCare identifies more Clinical Intervention opportunities than any other software. Across the platform, there are multiple opportunities for pharmacists to identify if the patient interaction qualifies as a clinical intervention such as:

GuildCare also enables pharmacists to easily manage common Clinical Interventions.