Home Medicines Review


The HMR module is easy to use and designed with daily pharmacy workflow in mind.

What is Home Medicines Review?

Pharmacists are familiar with the HMR service, which essentially is a service which is available to people living at home, in the community setting, where their GP determines that a HMR is clinically necessary to ensure quality use of medicines or to address the consumer's needs.

There are many objectives of HMR with an essence to achieve safe, effective, and appropriate use of medicines by detecting and addressing medicine-related problems that interfere with desired patient outcomes

To find out more about the HMR service and check the eligibility criteria and patient qualifications please go to 6CPA and read the program specific guidelines.

Who is GuildCare HMR for?

The GuildCare HMR module is suitable for use in any Community Pharmacy that:

  • has an established relationship with an accredited pharmacist, or
  • has an accredited pharmacist on staff

How does it work?

Like all GuildCare Programs the HMR module integrates with existing dispensing software.

The program has a ‘pop up' that alerts pharmacists to patients who would benefit from this service, such as those on multiple medications who might need assistance in managing them in their home setting. It then generates a referral to the GP and a patient handout that has a short overview of what an HMR involves and its benefits. The patient then takes this referral to their GP, or if they prefer the pharmacy can send it with their consent.

When the GP refers the patient back to the pharmacy, the pharmacist conducts the HMR using the GuildCare software which guides them through the process. It then generates a report for the GP and for the patient.

If you would like to know more about GuildCare's HMR module, contact support@guildcare.com.au