MedsCheck Services

What are MedsCheck Services?

MedsCheck Services are an in-pharmacy, consumer-centred services funded under the Medicines Use Review Program with funding under the 6th Agreement. The services include a review of a patient's medication with the aim of identifying any problems a patient may be experiencing and improve the effective use of medicines.

There are two programs under MedsCheck Services:

  • MedsCheck - for patient taking 5 or more medicines
  • Diabetes MedsCheck - targeted for patients with type 2 diabetes

For more information about the MedsCheck Services program please visit the 6CPA website.

GuildCare MedsCheck Service Module

GuildCare's MedsCheck program assists pharmacists in identifying patients that may benefit from the program, recording the MedsCheck Service together with reporting for internal and external purposes.

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