Admin Module

Provides pharmacists a way to electronically document Adverse Events presented within pharmacy, provide patient with a professional services plan, and the ability to record patient leave requests and supply a certificate.


Adverse Events Recording

GuildCare's Admin Module enables pharmacists submit Adverse Events to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


The link to the TGA's adverse event reporting web service allows pharmacists to easily record adverse events with all the necessary information. This information is then submitted to the TGA and, where required, to a patient's medical practitioner almost instantly.


Three types of Adverse Events can be recorded in GuildCare:

  • Adverse Drug Reactions - now reported electronically to the TGA
  • Problems with Medical Devices - recorded in GuildCare
  • Medicine Deficiencies or Defects - coming soon


Did You Know...? Recording an Adverse Drug Reaction may qualify as a Clinical Intervention.


Leave Certificate Request

The Fair Work Act 2009, lets pharmacists issue certificates for personal & carer's leave. Pharmacists are entitled to charge a professional service fee.


GuildCare's Leave / Sick Certificate enables pharmacists to assess and record details of patient's leave request, and generate a certificate in a structured professional format.


Refer to The Pharmacy Guild of Australia Sick Certificates for more information.


Inter-Professional Collaboration

GuildCare Referral / Interprofessional Collaboration program is designed to help pharmacists:

  • Record written or verbal communication between the pharmacy and other healthcare professionals
  • Generate professional written patient referral letters



Patient Plan

Pharmacists are able to provide patients with a handout outlining the professional service programs that the patient may benefit from.


Patient Centric Model of Patient Care
GuildCare aims to provide pharmacy with one, seamless software solution to better manage patient care.Patient Plan focuses on primary health areas - Diabetes, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, and Mental Health. It shows how all programs can link to assist patients with their disease state management.

  • Pharmacists can determine what programs within GuildCare, as well as own pharmacy services, to incorporate into a patient's personalised plan.
  • The patient is provided with information and guidance to use your pharmacy's services for optimal health benefits.


Download GuildCare Program Overview or watch our NEW GuildCare Video Overview.