Patient Adherence Programs

GuildCare's Patient Adherence Programs involve a partnership with pharmaceutical companies to develop programs that enhance the level of medical care pharmacists can offer patients who have been prescribed specific drugs. Patient Adherence Programs software include strategies to encourage patient compliance, medication adherence, and provision of patient friendly information to support their medications and advice on lifestyle programs that can complement their treatment.

GuildCare Patient Adherence Programs are designed to help pharmacists:

  • Identify at point of dispense patient's qualification status
  • Discuss with patients confidently, with guided dialogue and supporting medicines information
  • Record and manage each interaction with the patient
  • Enrol the patient in supporting programs


Pharmacies may be eligible to receive professional service fees for sponsored programs from pharmaceutical companies.


MedScreen Compliance Program

GuildCare MedScreen Compliance program is designed to:

  • Encourage pharmacist engagement with patients to help ensure the quality use of medicine is achieved
  • Target non-adherent patients with MedsIndex score less than 70
  • Enable pharmacists to drive script uplift
  • Increase medication adherence
  • Guide interaction with patient with supported dialogue and tick box formats for easier recording


As part of this clinical service, pharmacists are able to assess whether or not the interaction qualifies as a clinical intervention.

Compliance Programs

Compliance Programs address patient adherence to their prescribed medicines regimen. Patient Compliance is recognised as a long standing global issue. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 30-50% of medicines prescribed for chronic diseases are not taken as directed.

GuildCare software is designed to assist pharmacists to target patients who are not taking their medicines as prescribed and therefore in greatest need of assistance.


How does GuildCare software identify non-adherent patients?

The software calculates the patient's MedsIndex score which represents how much medicine the doctor intended the patient to take compared to the actual interval between the patient's dispense dates. A score out of 100 is calculated to indicate the patient's level of compliance with their prescribed regimen.


Compliance Programs comprises of:

  • Simple support sessions with the patient where the pharmacist discusses any real or perceived barriers to adherence
  • Relevant patient handouts such as Consumer Medicines Information (CMI), sets goals for the next session
  • Patient follow-up options such as SMS, email, phone calls by GuildCare Pharmacists


Pharmacies delivering Compliance Programs may receive patient service fees from pharmaceutical companies.


New to Therapy Programs

New to Therapy Programs work on the same principles as the Compliance Programs, the difference being the patient is identified as 'new' to the medication therapy.

New to Therapy Programs:

  • Promotes good routine at initation of treatment
  • Educates patient on the importance of taking medication as prescribed
  • Provide patient follow-up options such as SMS, phone calls by GuildCare Pharmacists


Pharmacies delivering New to Therapy Programs may receive professional service fees from pharmaceutical companies.