Seamless communication from pharmacy to Patients & GP's on one platform


MemoCare is a communication solution for pharmacy to assist in managing patient's health once they leave your pharmacy. MemoCare is primarily used as a script reminder service for patients via SMS, email, voice calls (automated). Pharmacies can also interact with GPs, prescribers and other health care professionals via email or fax.

MemoCare gives you control over your patient communications.


MemoCare Benefits

  • Drives script uplift by improving patients’ adherence to their medications
  • Builds patient loyalty to your store
  • Improves your workflow efficiency

Pharmacy to Patient Messages

  • Script reminders and renewals
  • Medication reminders
  • Special Orders
  • Professional Services appointments

Protect the value of your pharmacy

Unlike other messaging services, if you decide not to renew GuildCare / MemoCare in the future, your patients remain with you. With other companies, your patients can be directed to your competitors. Are you willing to take this risk?

Advantage of subscribing to GuildCare's MemoCare

  • Available within GuildCare software – avoid the hassle of switching between programs
  • Integrates with dispense software – relevant details are automatically transferred into MemoCare
  • MemoCare webinars, videos and technical support


Whilst emails to patients are free, there are usage fees for patients who prefer SMS or automated voice call reminders. Contact GuildCare for usage charges.


MemoCare Features

Real-time integration
  • Automatically transferring patient details & medication history from dispense software.
  • Saves time, reduces data errors
Prompts at dispense
  • Patient Enrolment - customise prompt settings and only target patients in your area
  • Patient replies - software prompts you when a patient replies to an SMS
Communication templates
  • Various Ad-hoc/one off messages and recurring message templates
  • Customisable to suit your pharmacy needs
  • Repeat prescription reminders
  • Schedule recurring messages i.e. medication compliance reminders
Patient enrolment wizard
  • Captures patient information effortlessly, simplifying the enrolment process
  • Enter patient preferred contact method and time range
  • Sends patient a welcome message from your pharmacy

Intuitive reports

  • Review messages have been sent, received or failed
  • Patient enrolment status
  • Scheduled messages - daily, monthly and more

Script owing

  • Send doctors script owing reminders via email or fax
  • Letter template pre-populates doctor's contact details from dispense