Step by Step Guide

GuildCare and MemoCare integrate with pharmacy dispensing software. Like anything new, it is best to adopt a 'one step at a time' approach.

Step 1 Commit and Communicate

Complete the online application form to subscribe to the GuildCare and/or MemoCare package. Our Support team will then install this onto your pharmacy computer. Make sure your staff is fully informed at your next team meeting.

Step 2 Identify a champion(s) and allocate roles

Identify at least one 'champion' who will take on-board the full responsibility for implementing the software and programs. They will be the change agent to drive the process, reinforce key messages and be the conduit for all staff involved in the process. The champion doesn't have to be the owner. In GuildCare's experience, better results are seen if the owner 'champions the champion'. In other words, owners don't necessarily have to be 'hands on'.They do need to fully support the efforts of the champion. Allocate staff various roles, mindful that the pharmacist doesn't have to do everything.

Step 3 Train

It's essential to allow time for training everyone involved with using the GuildCare and MemoCare software. Encourage those involved to practice with each other. You can book all training through GuildCare and MemoCare Support. It's delivered in three different ways - online,one on one in pharmacy and workshops.

Step 4 Start Using

Don't try to do everything at once.Select a GuildCare module covering a PPI you're familiar with.Use it for a couple of weeks to gain confidence before moving onto another module. It helps to start with regular patients in your first attempts.

Step 5 Set Goals

Set pharmacy goals - such as a target number of cases a day, for example 10 clinical interventions a week (2 per day). This target  depends on the size of your pharmacy and the resources you have available. If you don't set goals, little is achieved.

Step 6 Review

Regularly review how everyone is going. Recognise and reward success. GuildCare software generates valuable reports so you can share the results with everyone.




If you need any help, simply contact our support.