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About PIs

About Product Information Documents

Product Information (PI) is a technical document that helps guide health professionals on the best way to use a medicine.

The PI is a scientific, objective account of a medicine's usefulness and limitations. It contains medicine information sufficient for ensuring safe and effective use of the medicine under nearly all circumstances.

What a PI contains

The PI contains:

  • Name and Description: active and inactive ingredients in the medicine
  • Pharmacology: how the medicine affects the body
  • Clinical Trials: effectiveness and safety of the medicine when tried in volunteers with the condition the medicine is meant to treat
  • Indications: diseases or conditions the medicine is approved to treat
  • Contraindications: situations where the medicine should not be used
  • Precautions: situations where the medicine should be used carefully such as pregnancy, breast-feeding, in the presence of other medical conditions, together with other medicines
  • Adverse Reactions: side effects that might occur, how frequently they occur and how severe they may be
  • Dosage and Administration: recommended dose and how the medicine should be taken
  • Overdose: symptoms and treatment if too much medicine is taken
  • Presentation: what the medicine looks like, pack sizes and storage conditions
  • Date of approval: when the Australian regulatory agency approved the PI



  • The PI is written in scientific language aimed at health professionals and may not be easy to understand for anyone who does not have a medical background. We advise consumers to always talk to their doctor or pharmacist about all aspects of their medicines, including why they are taking them and what benefits/risks they can expect.