Secure data warehouse

Distribution Services

Pharmacy CMI (eCMI) - Dispensing Software Vendor Services

eCMIs are automatically integrated into the commonly used dispensing software systems. This lets pharmacists dispense the most up-to-date Consumer Medicine Information from their dispensing software environments.

While software systems are currently updated monthly, we will move to real-time delivery of medicine information in mid 2012.

We distribute eCMI to community and hospital pharmacy dispensing software vendors at no charge to them and in a format ready for integration into their systems.

Please Contact Us if your dispensing software system does not currently use eCMIs.


Web Services

We offer a range of web services including RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to publish Product Information (PI) and Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) on customer websites. These services allow companies to further streamline distribution by seamlessly drawing the latest CMIs and PIs from the Secure Data Warehouse and displaying them on their own websites and other authorised websites.


The risk of multiple out-of-date medicines information is greatly reduced and CMIs and PIs are updated from the pharmaceutical company's approval and released in real-time.


On-distributor Services

Companies who publish or distribute health information providers (On-distributors) can access the PIs and CMIs free of charge for use in their publications, websites, or other means of medicines information dissemination. More than 45 organisations currently access the medicines information in our Secure Data Warehouse.