Secure data warehouse


  • Secure Data Warehouse

    Secure Data Warehouse

    The Secure Data Warehouse is an Internet-enabled application which allows pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) to control the distribution of their Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) and Product Information... Read More

  • Pharmacy CMI (eCMI)

    Pharmacy CMI (eCMI)

    eCMIs are CMIs electronically distributed to the Point of Dispense, enabling pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) to have their CMIs available in retail and hospital pharmacies throughout Australia. Single... Read More

  • PI


    Medicines Information distributes Product Information (PI) through the Secure Data Warehouse. The PI is a legal document approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which we maintain with precisely ... Read More

  • Drug Image Library

    Drug Image Library

    Medicines Information has built a library of high quality, standards-based photographic images of solid oral dosage forms for inclusion in prescribing and dispensing software products and the current Patient... Read More


    Medicines Information established the website to support the National Strategy for the Quality Use of Medicines. To support the National Strategy's goal of the best possible use of... Read More