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Drug Image Library

We built a library of high quality, standards-based photographic images of solid oral dosage forms for inclusion in prescribing and dispensing software products as well as the current Patient Medication Profile (PMP).


The PMP program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and administered by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.


The images are designed to print in actual size in the PMP document and interface seamlessly with all standard dispensing software programs, providing yet another means of improving patient information.


Throughout the PMP pilot there is no charge to Sponsors to have their drugs photographed for inclusion in the database, nor is there a charge to dispensing software vendors for using the images in the pilot.

  • The database contains images of the front, back and side of the medication for the tablet, and the front and back for the capsule. A universal background provides uniformity across the collection.

  • The images can be provided so they print in actual size for use in medication review systems

  • Every photo shows the unique drug identifier (AUST R or AUST L as applicable) as an added quality marker

  • More than 2,000 images including 93% of the top 1,000 PBS products are currently held in the database

  • All product descriptors in the database are 100% consistent with the CMIs


    The Photographic Drug Images database is available for licensing. We are happy to adapt the offering to meet the needs of specific applications. Copyright of all images remains the property of GuildLink - Medicines Information