Secure data warehouse

Pharmacy CMI (eCMI)

The distribution of Consumer Medicine Information to Point of Dispense (eCMI)

eCMI enables pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) to have their CMIs widely disseminated across all points of distribution in Australia, allowing every user to see exactly the same version of the medicines information in the same standardised format.


Sponsor-approved CMIs are carefully processed within a rigorous quality assurance (QA) system and electronic version control is carefully maintained. Without the printed leaflet in the pack, the Sponsors reduce the risk of out-of-date medicines information existing in the marketplace and recalls or repackaging associated with significant changes to the CMI.


What Makes the Service Unique

  • Assured rapid availability of the most current medicine information in the marketplace, particularly important when critical safety updates are needed

  • A supporting infrastructure which ensures CMI is converted into a document that complies with the industry's Usability Guidelines1, and then delivered within timeframes decided by Sponsors

  • Full integration of the CMI into pharmacy dispensing software packages so it can be readily accessed during dispensing

  • Minimal medicines information handling and Sponsor resources required by the system


 1. Sless, D and Shrensky, R, 2006, Writing about Medicines for People 3rd edition - Usability Guidelines for Consumer Medicine Information, Australian Self-Medication Industry