Secure data warehouse

Secure Data Warehouse

The Secure Data Warehouse is an internet-enabled application, which allows:

  • Pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) to control the distribution of their Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) and Product Information (PI) to approved user;
  • Health information providers (On-distributors) such as publishers, government agencies and industry associations to access Sponsors' current CMI and PI.

    How the Service Works

    The Sponsor submits the CMI and PI to the Secure Data Warehouse. After we process the document to the required format, the Sponsor reviews, approves and, at a date and time of their choosing, releases the medicines information so health information providers (On-distributors) can access it.

    What Makes the Service Unique

    • The only Internet-enabled service of its kind in Australia;
    • A supporting infrastructure comprising legal agreements and procedure plans to which all stakeholders are a party;
    • A service developed and continuously improved through extensive industry consultation
    • Proactive monitoring of medicine information used by some major health information providers to ensure the documents are up-to-date;
    • A secure and single centralised repository means all users - whether Sponsors who distribute the data, or health information providers who access the data - need only go to one place.