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Working With Us

Our clients consists of Pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) and health information providers such as Department of Health & Ageing, Publishers and software vendors.


  • Pharmaceutical Companies

    Pharmaceutical Companies

    To learn more about having your products included in our service, please Contact Us. Read More

  • Health Information Providers

    Health Information Providers

    To learn how to access our CMIs, PIs or images, please contact us. Read More

  • Service Fees

    Service Fees

    Pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) are charged service fees specified in the eCMI, Secure Data Warehouse and Web Services pricing schedules There is no charge to health information providers such as software... Read More

  • FAQs


    What is the TGA web service? What is a single point of distribution? How are CMIs made available at the point of dispense? How do we protect your privacy? What is the TGA web service? We offer Web Service as a ... Read More