Secure data warehouse

Pharmaceutical Companies


Our management services for the pharmaceutical industry include:

  • Centralised storage and management of CMIs and PIs via our Secure Data Warehouse
  • Rigorous quality assurance, version control, and auditing facilities for CMIs and PIs
  • Integration of CMIs into pharmacy dispensing systems
  • Integration of CMIs and PIs into other software offerings and websites
  • Distribution of CMIs and PIs to healthcare professionals and consumers
  • Multiple formats for CMI distribution including:
    • standard and large print
    • synthetic audio
    • html for websites
    • Braille
    • Automated feed of up-to-date CMIs and PIs in client websites via Web Services
    • Maintenance and distribution of an extensive Drug Image Library
    • Sponsorship of



    • Seamless and secure document processing
    • Comprehensive version control
    • Currency of CMIs and PIs supported by the legal infrastructure between stakeholders
    • A single point of distribution of CMIs and PIs to healthcare professionals and consumers
    • Multiple CMI outputs enabling improved access to CMIs for all healthcare consumers
    • Web service facilities to websites, such as the TGA and, for automatic delivery of the most up-to-date CMIs and PIs, within minutes of the document release from our Secure Data Warehouse
    • Web service technology available for PIs and all formats of CMIs including:
      •   html for websites
      • synthetic audio files
      • Sponsors retain complete ownership and control over their data - they decide when to release it to the market, who can access it, and in what format
      • Cost-effective way for Sponsors to house and distribute the CMI and PI, and transparently manage documents
      • A centralised, comprehensive library of up-to-date high quality images of commonly prescribed drugs
      • Professionally photographed drug images are free of charge for internal use and, at a reasonable license fee, for use in promotional activities